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Corporate Training Programs/Executives Development

The Vocational Training Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, willing to actively participate in the enhancement of the competitiveness of the Greek companies through the training and development of their human resources and the update of their knowledge base, has adopted a special fees financing relevant policy.

In particular, for the participation in the distance learning training program of five to ten trainees, employed in the same company, there can be a fees discount up to 5%, while for more than ten participants, the granting discount comes up to 10%.

The discount can be granted retrospectively, even for participants that do not attend the same cycle of studies at the same time. In that case, and after the completion of the necessary participants' number, the company representative must notify the Secretariat, asking for the expected discount.

Until today, the Vocational Training Center of NKUA has cooperated with 238 Greek companies and organizations, among which are EMPORIKI BANK, AGROTIKI BANK, Public Power Corporation S.A., Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.), MOU, INTRACOM, LAIKI BANK, ASPIS PRONOIA, EFG EUROBANK ERGASIAS, FAGE, ATHINAIKI ZYTHOPOIIA, S.A. ΤΙΤΑΝ, AFOI VEROPOULOI etc., as well as multinational corporations, such as BAYERISCHE HUGO UND VEREINSBANK AG, SONY HELLAS, BAYERN HELLAS etc.

Sample co-operations/Completed Projects:

1. Training Program for Greek Army Executives in Business Management

The program was organized in the frames of the cooperation of the Vocational Training Center with the Research for Informatics Officers School of the Greek Army Headquarters, aiming at the training of sixty executives. It was realised between 25/2/2002 and 5/9/2003 with the use of asynchronous and synchronous e-learning and it was completed after the sitting for written exams of the participants in a special theater of the University of Athens.

2. Training Program for Secondary Education Teachers in Teaching Entrepreneurship to the TEE (Technical Schools)/ IEK (Vocational Training Institutions) & ΣΑΕΚ

The program was organized by the Vocational Training Center of NKUA aiming at the diffusion of the idea of entrepreneurship to the Greek Educational sector. It was implemented gratis as a Pilot Training Program for Secondary Education Teachers between 4/10/2002 and 2/12/2002, its special subject being the Teaching of Entrepreneurship in TEE (Technical Schools). It was attended by 104 teachers out of 87 Technical Schools and 3 public Vocational Training Institutions with the method of e-Learning, both with asynchronous and with synchronous collaboration, where the participants could in parallel attend and participate in a live multimedia teaching session, run by scientific associates of the NKUA.

3. Training and Development of Executives of the Agrotiki Bank

The Vocational Training Center of NKUA, in cooperation with the Training Center of Agrotiki Bank, has in total educated -since October 2001- 60 Bank Executives from all over Greece, upon the subject matters of Finance and Credit.

4. Training of Executives of M.O.U.

During the period from 14/12/2005 until 5/12/2005, the VTC of NKUA implemented the training of 15 executives of the EC Support Framework Management Organization Unit (M.O.U) in "Internal Audit".

5. Seminar in Energy Planning and Buildings' Environmental Quality issues

The VTC of NKUA in cooperation with the Buildings' Environment Study Team of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Greek Scientific Company for the Building and the Environment, as well as the Research Centers for the Renewable Energy Sources European Organization organized in the period between 2005 and 2006, a professional seminar lasting 217 hours, in Energy Planning and Buildings' Environmental Quality. The seminar was implemented within the frames of a relative Master of Science and it had 35 participants.

6. Executives Development Program for the "Kerdos Publications S.A." organization

The 4-month training program concerned the training of 16 executives of "Kerdos Publications S.A." in Sales Techniques. The educational material was developed based on the specialized needs of the specific organization and was enriched with case studies upon real data of the company activities.