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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to come up to the program's obligations (I am an employee with a tight schedule)? How many hours of study are necessary per week?

The program is in such a way designed so as to provide the trainees, in their majority working employees, with the necessary flexibility. Based on our statistics, there are in average requested 4 to 6 hours occupation with the program on a weekly basis. In case there appears to be a special reason, the trainee can gain extension for the submission of his tests, given that he will promptly notify his tutor, before the expiration of the pre-set deadline.

How and when is the application submitted?

The application form is submitted electronically through the webpage http://elearn.elke.uoa.gr within the preset deadlines that are also announced in the press. It is an electronic application form through which the interested applicant provides his personal data, his academic knowledge and his working experience. All the applications are processed by a special Evaluation Committee, while the results are being announced to the applicants through email by the Secretariat.

How can I be informed about the program I am interested in?

All the necessary information about the running process of the programs is available in the webpage http://elearn.elke.uoa.gr and more specifically in the menu "Educational Programs". More detailed information per program you can find in the study guide of the programs which you can locate in "Catalogue of the Programs". Each study guide entails all the necessary information around the programs' content (synopsis per teaching unit), the participation prerequisites, the educational process, the granted Qualification Title, the fees, the Academic Supervisor of the program, etc. What is more, you can have information about the e-learning programs by contacting the Secretariat, either calling 210-3689381, or emailing elearn-secretariat@elke.uoa.gr.

I am interested in one of the announced programs, but I cannot attend it during this educational period. When will it be re-provided?

You can be informed about the VTC's activities through the press, through our webpage http://elearn.elke.uoa.gr, emailing elearn-secretariat@elke.uoa.gr, or calling +30 210-3689381. Furthermore, you can subscribe in our mailing list, so that you receive the relative newsletter each time a new cycle of studies is launched.

I have successfully applied and become accepted in a program of my choice, but I won't be able after all to attend it under the current educational period. May I transfer my subscription in one of the next cycle of studies?

Due to the fact that the participation in the programs is limited, the approval of your application is valid only for the current educational cycle. In case you wish to participate in one of the next cycles, you should submit a new application, which will be again processed by the Evaluation Committee.

Which are the technical specifications for the attendance of the program?

Due to the fact that the attendance of the programs happens through the Web, necessary precondition for the participation in the program is the PC literacy and access to the Internet through a browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox Mozzila).

What exactly does the program's material entail?

Each program's content is analytically presented in the corresponding Study Guide, provided in the webpage http://elearn.elke.uoa.gr and under the link "Catalogue of the Programs". Each educational subject constitutes of lessons, which in turn are divided in teaching units, a synopsis of which you can access through the above mentioned study guide.

Which days/ hours must I attend the Program?

There is no specific attendance time schedule for the program. The program offers the trainee "autonomy", in a sense that he can adjust his study according to his own pace and habits, without the restrictions that the obligation for natural presence in a specific place and at a certain time imposes. The educational material lies in the trainee's disposal for 24 hours per day, and he can access it whenever and no matter where he is. The only time restriction is that the test submission deadlines should be kept. Even in this case though, it is possible for the trainee to gain a short extension, after a relevant request to his tutor.

How is my educational progress evaluated?

You are being evaluated through the tests that you electronically submit using the educational platform and always within the time schedule set by the tutor with the beginning of the lesson. Along with each teaching unit there is also provided the corresponding test which entails multiple choice questions, list matching questions, true/ false questions, as well as upload questions in which you must write down your answer and attach it to the test. With the completion of each lesson you must write a paper, set by your tutor. The end grades for each lesson stem 60% from the assessment tests and 40% from your paper.

What is requested in order for me to successfully complete the program and thus gain the Certificate?

The granting of the Certificate takes place when the trainee raises in all the lessons a grade higher or equal to 50%. In case the total grade for one or more lessons does not overcome 50%, the trainee has the option to re-sit for those lessons after the completion of the program's educational process. The grades that he will raise during this procedure are also the final ones, given that they are higher than the initial ones. In other case the system keeps the initial marks. If the trainee does not get the proper grades in the program, and given that he gets a grade at least higher or equal to 30%, he can gain an Attendance Certificate with his performance.

In how many dosages must I pay the fees?

The number of the dosages for the payment of the fees varies according to the program's duration. For the programs that last five to nine months, the fees' dosages are 3, in equal amounts. For the programs that last four months you must pay the fees in two dosages, while for 3-month and 2-month programs you pay the entire amount once. For programs longer than 3 months, there is provided substantial discount in the fees in case you pay the entire amount once.

My employing company is willing to cover the fees for my participation to the program. Which is the relevant procedure?

In case your employer wishes to pay your fees, you should promptly notify the Secretariat, so as to issue the necessary invoice.

My employing company wishes to cover the fees for the participation in the program of a team of employees. Is there a relevant discount?

For the participation in the distance learning training program of five to ten trainees, employed in the same company, there can be a fees discount up to 5%, while for more than ten participants, the granting discount comes up to 10%. The discount can be granted retrospectively, even for participants that do not attend the same cycle of studies at the same time. In that case, and after the completion of the necessary participants' number, the company representative must notify the Secretariat, asking for the expected discount.

What is the validity of the Certificate? Does it provide me with extra points for the ASEP exams?

After the successful completion of the program you will be granted either a Specialization or a Training Certificate (according to the educational subject) which is signed by the Financial Planning and Development Vice Chancellor (also Head of the Vocational Training Center) as well as by the Academic Supervisor of the Program. The Vocational Training Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is certified by EKEPIS. The granted certificate though does not provide extra points for the ASEP examinations, since it is neither an undergraduate nor a postgraduate degree. Nevertheless, main aim of the program is the provision of the necessary qualifications and the development of skills that will help the trainees become even more effective in their professional duties and in this way more competitive within the market. Moreover, the granted Certificate has the stamp of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the authority and prestige of which is widely accepted, both by private and by public bodies.

How will I contact my tutor during the running of the program?

You can contact your tutor only through the incorporated in the educational platform emailing system. Through this system you can mail your tutor anytime for questions or any other matter relevant to the educational process. Your tutor is obliged to answer your message within one working day.

Who provides me with educational support?

The educational support of the program is provided by the appointed to each electronic classroom Tutor, who belongs to a wider Scientific Support Office, and who is under the surveillance of the Academic Supervisor of the Program. The tutor is responsible for the issuing of the navigation guides, the setting of the tests' deadlines, the answering to questions, the correction of the submitted tests and the issuing of the end grade of the program.

Is the educational material provided by the program?

The educational material is provided by the program and can meet all your needs in order for you to successfully submit the tests and complete the program. It is provided both in printable and in digital form. You can download and save the educational material in your PC or you can print it, in case you want to study it in the traditional way or wish to save cost. However, please bare in mind that your study should not restrict to the printed material, given that the digital one is also enriched with case studies, examples, solved exercises etc.

In case of a special reason, may I interrupt my participation in the program and continue later?

In case you need to interrupt the program, you have the option to participate in one of the next educational cycles. You should notify the Secretariat via mail, as well as initiate your re-subscription when you will be able to attend. As far as the already risen grades are concerned, they will be kept during the next educational cycle, while for the lessons not completed, you must re-attend them. Moreover, as far as the payment of the fees is concerned, they are counter balanced with the already paid amount.

In case I wish to leave the program, am I entitled to a refund of the paid fees?

If you wish to interrupt the program, you must notify via mail the Secretariat, stating the reasons for your decision. If those reasons relate to the quality of the provided educational services by our program, you should mention them in order for the appointed committee to investigate respectively. In case the liability is indeed ours, you are entitled to a refund of the fees, the amount of which depends on the phase of the program's evolution. Should you leave the program for your private reasons, yet you have already paid, then you are entitled to the amount that is analogous to the lessons you have not attended.