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Corporate Training




Attendance Prerequisites\Technical Specifications

Because learners attend via the internet, a prerequisite for the participation of any interested party in the program is the ability to use a computer and internet access via a web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).
The suggested screen resolution for optimal course attendance is at least 1024x768.
The program Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the Study Guide and the Printed Materials of the programs
The use of Adobe Flash Player is required to play multimedia content (animation).
Learners in the program are provided with free dial up access via the Central Network of the University of Athens, if they apply to the Program's Secretariat.
The service - which supports ISDN and PSTN connections - is provided for a specific period of time, depending on the duration of the vocational training program, for three hours a day.
Therefore, users of the system are not required to contact a third party provider, while they will be able to browse websites directly related to the attendance of the program, the electronic library of the University of Athens, as well as any other website they may wish.

We note, however, that the use of the free dial up access is recommended only for users whose phone number, from which they access the Internet, begins with the prefix 21 or 22 (e.g. 21X - XXXXXXX or 22ΧΧ-ΧΧΧΧΧΧ). These users will only be charged the OTE's uniform countrywide calling number fee, at their telephone number.