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Aim of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens' Vocational Training Centre is the provision of adult education services. The "Adult Education" field enjoys nowadays a prominent position, due to the rapid structural changes on a financial, technological and social level, while the field's existence becomes more urgent every day because of the Science's constant development and the subsequent professional knowledge's de-valuation.

The globalization of the market and the intensification of the competition, along with the constant technological changes, lead the contemporary economies to the need for update and modernization as well as for general boost in their productivity. Fundamental precondition for the achievement of those targets is the non-stop specialization in new specialties and the adjustment of the employment in the latest data. Moreover, as a result of the economical-technological changes, a substantial part of the human resources has been lead in unemployment, with the insufficiently educated ones facing an exceptionally problematic professional future.

The Vocational Training Center of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, willing to actively and positively contribute to the coping with the problem, provides continuing education training programs that combine theoretical and practical knowledge, in this way mainly expanding the applied scientific dimension of the relevant professional fields.

Ultimate aim of these innovative programs is the meeting of the detected educational needs and the provision of complementary necessary qualifications in people that wish to amplify their knowledge and gain new professional skills, thus improving their cognitive level and reinforcing their competitiveness within the market.

Furthermore, due to the "flexibility" that characterizes the distance education training programs, there is also provided the possibility for immediate renewal and update of the educational content, as well as for prompt dissemination of those data to the trainees.

In parallel, our highly academic programs provide the trainee with "autonomy", i.e. the possibility to study despite the varied inhibiting factors, as is e.g. the obligation for one's natural attendance in a particular site at a certain time, given that the educational content lies in one's disposal for 24 hours per day and the access is free anytime, no matter the place.

New Educational Cycle

Within the frames of the current educational cycle the applications can be submitted until 06/09/2013. The attendance of the programs begins in 30/09/2013. If you wish to have detailed information about the programs, please browse the "Training Programs" menu.